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fishing tackle

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Отправлено 16 Май 2018 - 09:20

Hi there,
I am going to goa for long-stay, now my two main hobbies are golf and fishing.so we can rule out golf, but what about fishing? has any of you done any rod and line?then getting it there, the fishing tackle I mean..lol... I took some previously to tamil nadu but didn't bring it back, well it would be rude wouldn't it.. when I took it before I travelled BA but didn't have a nice experience, I got a jobsworth at the ticket desk.first my case was 25 kilo so I had to pay for the two extra kilo... then had to pay for the fishing holdall as an extra suitcase £40 it weighed around five kilo, she was a crabby-faced witch...lol... your right I didn't like her... my point is if I have to pay the same as a suitcase I might as well put a few clubs in as well if im to pay for 23kgs then I wont be shy...has any of you taken some rods? how did you pay? 
Please help.
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