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Down current, downcurrent, down welling, vertical udnerwater current spearfishing freediving

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virgili wrote:
..have to be careful while diving around the rocks because of currents which push you like a wisp of straw to the depth!
Down current, downcurrent, down welling, down draft, in other words a vertical underwater current that runs down into to the depths.. of all the risks associated with freedive spearfishing this one really scares me. Avoiding a blackout, getting tangled with line on the bottom, being run over by a boat or attacked by a shark, all seem manageable in comparison. Down current is something I've never experienced and so only know about it from others accounts. To me it's the ultimate worst thing that can happen freediving, getting sucked down to depth near the end of your breath hold. Most of us know you can't fight a strong current even on the surface.
How do you deal with a down current? Is there a warning it's about to happen? Is there time to react? How deep will take you? Once you're caught what to do to get out?
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